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Visit to Burdekin Falls Dam

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We had a great day out with a picnic at Burdekin Falls Dam.This was our third visit. I have included photographs of each visits water level so you can compare the difference. Along the way we saw a group of … Continue reading

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Unusual lunch guests.

I thought you might like to meet some of the guests we have shared lunch with. Firstly, we have our resident magpie who we have named Henry (after Henry Cooper the famous British boxer). He usually arrives just before 1 … Continue reading

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Whoops it is a Bower not a nest!

Firstly, I must apologise for describing a bower as a nest. To a Great bowerbird it is a ‘tastefully’ decorated structure consisting of two parallel rows of twigs, built by the male to impress the females. The inside walls are ‘painted’ with vegetable matter mixed with saliva. It is the focal point of male territories where courting and mating occurs. Continue reading

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Bower bird builds a home

While doing some gardening we found this nest. So the gardening had to halt. Whoever it is, had stated a claim before us so it could not be evicted. We will have to clear the area once this resident has moved on. Continue reading

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