Burdekin Floods

This week here in the Burdekin we have endured phenomenal rainfall. On Monday we had rainfall levels of over 200 mm in 24 hours. The Burdekin river reached its peak of 10.9m, at Inkerman Bridge on thursday.

Many people were stranded in Ayr, Home Hill and Sandy Corner as they were unable to travel north due to swollen rivers and flooded roads along the Bruce Highway between Ayr and Townsville, Ayr to Home Hill, Giru, Groper Creek and many other roads in and around the Burdekin.

I have never seen so many trucks, campervans and cars along the roads in and around Ayr. However, everyone remained jolly and nobody was hurt.

I am including a video of the flooding and the vast number of vehicles to demonstrate what it has been like. I hope you enjoy it.

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